Parachute Games

OK, this book isn't about juggling or what most people think of as standard forms of object manipulation.


It is about a different style of object manipulation. Think of all the fun you can have with a parachute and a group of players.


Truth be told, I'm really proud of this book. IMHO, if you would like to get some ideas on how to play with a parachute, it's the best resource out there

Parachute Games with DVD has 59 games you can play with a parachute. Well, each game also includes at least one variation, so there are over 100 games. 145 pages, $19.95.


The DVD, included with every book, shows kids playing 28 of the games, which gives you a sense of how much fun the games are, and how to share them with your players.


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back cover (text below)


The best-selling Parachute Games is now revised, extended,

and packaged with a DVD through which you can preview

selected activities before leading them-and let your

participants preview it as well to see how much fun

parachute games are. This new edition builds on the first

edition and includes

  • the latest information about parachutes,

    including parachute suppliers, parachute care,

    and age-appropriate uses;

  • 59 games, plus dozens of new variations of games

    from the first edition;

  • 28 games in live action on the DVD;


  • new Variations and Teaching Tips sections; and


  • plenty of descriptive details to assist you in using

    and adapting games for your group and your setting.


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