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View of the Space Needle from Capitol Hill in Seattle

Robert framing the Space Needle from Capitol Hill in Seattle, taken one morning before the juggling festival (probably 1999).


Stories and Memories of Robert Nelson, the Butterfly Man


You can find out more about the Butterfly Man on his web site and Robert's Facebook page. (You might have to log in to a Facebook account for the link to work.) Folks who are clever with YouTube will also find lots of material.


He started calling me Uncle Todd many years ago, and referred to himself as Uncle Robert. I picked up the habit, and that's how I like to think of him. Below are some stories that others may enjoy.





Originally wrote the obit (above) for JUGGLE magazine. Submitted it to the IJA ezine, as well as posted it here.


A summary of Robert's and my last conversation together


Down and Out in Saintes and London


Two Photos and a Short Story


Double Jeopardy


Additional stories to appear soon.


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